A toned body,
without working out!

See visible results in only 4 weeks
Is it possible to get sexy abs, quads, hamstrings and glutes
– while lounging on the couch, taking care of the kids,
or carrying on with everyday life?

With Aspire’s advanced EMS technology, it certainly is.

Fitness that Fits into Your Life

While exercising should be a part of everyday life, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day for a modern woman to build a successful career, devote time to the family, and tone your body.
Until now.
Aspire combines advanced electro muscular stimulation (EMS) technology with style, integrating electrodes that stimulate your muscles into a stylish pair of Aspire Pants.

Aspire to achieve the body your desire, while doing the things you love

Best of all, Aspire is incredibly simple to use and offers many quality of life touches that you’ll appreciate.

  • Shape the body you want: Adjust the intensity of each muscle group individually
  • 100% machine washable: Keep your Aspire pants clean and fresh between workouts!
  • Indoors and outdoors: Your stylish Aspire pants fit right into any environment – at home or outdoors

Get toned in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Put on your Aspire Pants
Step 2: Turn on the wireless Aspire Device
Step 3: Choose your level of intensity

Holistic Wellness

Aspire takes a holistic approach towards health and fitness, focusing on both your muscles and skin.
The advanced EMS technology is perfectly calibrated to deliver
optimal results with short, 30-minute sessions.

Muscle tone and function

See visible improvement in muscle tone, strength and body function in these areas:
Weight Loss Myths
Besides the aesthetically pleasing benefits of having a toned body, these areas also contribute to our overall wellness – leading to better posture and movement, and reduced aches and pains.

Younger Skin

Also, our technology is finely tuned with a special frequency that stimulates the dermis layer of the skin and breaks down cellulite cells – tightening and smoothening your skin, while boosting collagen generation for healthier and more youthful skin.
Aspire Device & Pants

Get a toned body and firmer skin in 4 weeks

By using Aspire for just 30 minutes a session, 3 times a week, you will see visible results in muscle tone and skin quality within a month.

The Aspire pack includes:

  • Aspire Pants (made of anti-bacterial fabric)
  • Aspire Device (for wireless intensity control)

Usual price: $979 (or $326.33 x 3 monthly instalments)

For a limited time only, you can take the Aspire Pack home for only $1099  $979.

Start living your most inspired life today!


sliming with ems
“It’s amazing how quickly I’ve seen results with Aspire! I’ve only been using it for only a month, and have already seen positive changes to my body. My skin feels tighter and looks more toned! I also really like how I can use it anywhere and anytime, whether I’m unwinding at home or getting some fresh air outside.”
Montse Timoneda
toning with ems
“I found out about Aspire a few months ago and decided to give it a try. Most of my workouts are done at home, so I figured this would be an ideal supplement to my usual exercise routine. Already, I can see more definition in my abs and quads. This product really works and makes my workouts a lot more effective!”
Adriana Ducasi