Fitness that fits into
your life

See visible results in only 4 weeks
Do you find it hard to juggle exercise, work, and relaxation?
Are you trying to lose that extra inch around your waist and legs?
Have you been going for multiple sessions at beauty clinics to tone up your lower body and reduce cellulite?
If this describes you, you don’t want to miss out on Aspire.

Fitness that fits into
your life

See visible results in only 4 weeks
Do you find it hard to juggle exercise, work, and relaxation?
Are you trying to lose that extra inch around your waist and legs?
Have you been going for multiple sessions at beauty clinics to tone up your lower body and reduce cellulite?
If this describes you, you don’t want to miss out on Aspire.


Aspire has helped hundreds of women trim their waist and firm up their lower body – without incorporating any exercise routines!

Sounds too good to be true? We’ll let the results above speak for themselves.

How Does Aspire Work?

Powered by EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, Aspire generates muscle contractions by means of small electrical impulses similar to that of the central nervous system. These muscle contractions are the same as when participating in full-length workouts. Aspire also goes one step further by targeting deep muscles that conventional training is unable to hit. This helps users achieve that definition they’ve always wanted without having to exercise.

EMS is also scientifically validated and used for a variety of purposes, such as:

Rehabilitation in physiotherapy
Functional training among professional athletes
Strength training
Beauty slimming treatments (U.P $3,000 – $6,000!)

See what Dr. Teresa, a renowned medical specialist has to say about EMS and usage of Aspire for women. Studies also show that EMS is highly effective in reducing waist circumference among people who suffer from abdominal obesity.

Benefits Of Aspire 

Younger skin:
Aspire releases finely tuned electrical waves at a special frequency that stimulates the dermis layer of the skin and breaks down cellulite cells. This tightens and smoothens the skin and boosts collagen generation for a healthier & younger you!

Muscle Growth:
Aspire activates deep muscles, causing it to contract periodically as if undergoing a workout. You will be able to see visible improvement in muscle tone and strength in your lower body.

Overall health:
Say goodbye to back pain and bad posture with Aspire as it strengthens your core muscles, leading to better stability across the whole body. It also improves blood circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients & oxygen.

Fast & convenient:
Aspire’s compact size and ability to be used anytime, anywhere makes it the perfect fitness companion regardless of your schedule.

Ease of Usage

Using Aspire is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Getting in shape and looking good have never been this easy!

Step 1: Put on your Aspire Pants

Step 2: Turn on the wireless Aspire Device

Step 3: Choose your level of intensity

Why choose Aspire?

8 Years



Success Stories

Gives you results similar to EMS slimming treatments from beauty clinics which cost $500-$800 per session! Most of these treatments require you to sign up for a package that will set you back a couple of thousand.

However, with Aspire, for just a one-time fee, you get to have your very own personal EMS device for life.


sliming with ems
“It’s amazing how quickly I’ve seen results with Aspire! I’ve only been using it for only a month, and have already seen positive changes to my body. My skin feels tighter and looks more toned! I also really like how I can use it anywhere and anytime, whether I’m unwinding at home or getting some fresh air outside.”
Montse Timoneda
toning with ems
“I found out about Aspire a few months ago and decided to give it a try. Most of my workouts are done at home, so I figured this would be an ideal supplement to my usual exercise routine. Already, I can see more definition in my abs and quads. This product really works and makes my workouts a lot more effective!”
Adriana Ducasi

Our Happy Clients
Aspire Device & Pants

Get a toned body and firmer skin in 4 weeks

By using Aspire for just 30 minutes a session, 3 times a week, you will see visible results in muscle tone and skin quality within a month.

The Aspire pack includes:

  • Aspire Pants (made of anti-bacterial fabric)
  • Aspire Device (for wireless intensity control)

Usual Price: RM 3369
Special Price: RM 2699

Start living your most inspired life today!

We are so confident that you’ll love it, we’ll even throw in this guarantee!

Try it for 14 days, and if you don’t absolutely love it, e-mail in and we’ll process a refund for you immediately, no questions asked.

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    We strongly recommend for users to stick to the recommended usage duration of thrice a week, 30 minutes a session. Prolonged usage could result in muscle fatigue & other undesirable outcomes. You can adjust and increase the duration gradually over time once your body is used to it

    Our trials and reviews from customers show that first signs of results can be seen within 2-4 weeks. Depending on your diet and lifestyle, you will see varying degrees of effectiveness. We strongly suggest to keep your diet clean for faster results. If you’re interested to take a look at some before-after photos sent by our satisfied customers, you can do so on our website under testimonials.

    The intensity should be high enough for you to feel the sensation of your muscles being worked but not to the point of discomfort. Ensure that you’re still able to move around without restriction. You can increase the intensity gradually, at your own discretion.

    No, EMS is not at all dangerous. Electric Muscle Stimulation has been used by chiropractors, physicians and osteopaths for decades, but only recently has it started to make headway in fitness training and beauty/wellness purposes. The machines themselves use very low voltage electrical impuls

    Almost everybody can use Aspire without any issues. If you suffer from a certain health condition that prevents you from participating in conventional sports or exercise, do seek approval from a doctor first. However, due to the electrical impulses, do take note that you will not want to use Aspire if you are:

    ⦁ Pregnant
    ⦁ Using a heart pacemaker
    ⦁ Suffering from severe circulatory disorder & arterial circulatory disorder

    Yes, but we recommend usage only 6 weeks after delivery. Numerous studies show that EMS is able to target deep pelvic floor muscles, which will help in recovery. The positive effects of EMS apply to all connective tissue and skin structures that are overstretched during pregnancy.

    Similar to conventional training, you will feel your muscles contracting during the session. However, as you can adjust the intensity, you can always ensure that these contractions are tolerable. The sensation might take a little getting used to as it’s a new experience, but it is not painful in any way. In fact, most customers love the sensation and compare it to a massage.

    Yes, of course. Aspire allows maximum freedom during usage. You can engage in any activity you wish while wearing it. Bear in mind to not get the device wet!

    Do not attempt to do any self-repairs as our warranty only covers natural damage. Always ensure the box has been charged and try restarting the device first if you face any issues. If the problem persists, contact customer support for further instructions.

    This happens when the skin is too dry. Make sure to apply the Aspire Toning Gel on your skin prior to usage to avoid these situations