The Basics of EMS Fitness

EMS workout

The Basics of Getting Fit with EMS

Fitness is a journey. It starts with a seed of motivation that develops into this burning passion towards continuous improvement of oneself. There are always greater heights to be achieved and bigger goals to smash. It is therefore imperative for you to vary your workouts, keeping things fresh and interesting. Why not consider adding a new dimension to your exercise routine with EMS?

The global pandemic has caused the fitness industry to come to a standstill. Gyms & studios had to close for a period of time and even after reopening, many are reluctant to go back due to the safe distancing measures. Thankfully, EMS offers new training possibilities that are not only in line with these measures, but can also help you break that plateau you might be struggling to break. 

So, how does EMS work?

EMS workout activeEMS, an acronym for Electrical Muscular Stimulation, is a relatively new workout technology that involves electrical impulses being sent to your muscles, eliciting a contraction. This electrical impulse is the same impulse sent by your nervous system to get your muscles to contract during a workout. The contraction is also stronger, enhancing muscle growth

According to Warren G. Darling, PhD. at the University of Iowa, Department Chair and Professor of Human Physiology, the EMS user’s tolerance can be taken into account and the workout can be adjusted in intensity to prevent any pain during a EMS workout. This drastically improves the efficiency as it’s able to cater to different people with different body builds, levels of experience and fitness goals.

In actual fact, EMS can triple the muscle strength of athletes who are already at the peak of their fitness. This is also based on research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning. EMS can greatly value-add to our daily exercise routines, regardless if you’re a professional athlete or not. 

How does a typical EMS Workout go?

For starters, traditional EMS is always done inside a controlled space with a personal EMS trainer or professional. It’s the best way to ensure your safety while using EMS equipment. After all, electrical pads containing electrodes with a flow of electricity, however small, is involved. 

You will have to firstly put the EMS suit on and ensure the pads are in the right places to target the right muscle groups. Physical training is the next on the agenda to get your muscles moving. The device is subsequently switched on, sending electrical impulses to make the workout that much more intense and effective, allowing you to get in a full workout in a much shorter period of time. The main benefit of EMS comes into play here. It helps you to engage even the deepest of muscles that conventional training will not. Conventional training can activate up to only 60% of the muscles in your entire body, while EMS-powered training can increase that to a whopping 90%.

EMS basically helps you to achieve a full training session in a shorter time while attaining better results!


EMS is a disruptive technology that has just started picking up traction in the fitness industry. Professional athletes have been reaping the benefits of EMS for years now, improving their functional strength and speeding up recovery. There are countless positives from utilising EMS technology, such as weight loss, healthy sleeping patterns, improved posture, blood circulation and much more. EMS fitness is about to shake up the entire world, and it’s never too early to hop aboard this growing trend. You can check out some budget-friendly EMS products that are available in the market right now to satiate your curiosity – we are a manufacturer of EMS products and have more than a decade of experience in this field. We currently have two EMS products available – Active and Aspire which you can check out. 


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