5 Best Fitness Technology For Your Home Gym in 2022

Fitness equipment saw a tremendous jump in sales ever since COVID-19 reared its ugly head. Work-from-home orders were the final push many needed to take the leap and set-up a home gym. As countries around the world went into lock-down, basic exercise equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells flew off the shelves. Decathlon reported a 43% increase in sales in the first weekend alone the circuit breaker in Singapore was announced. With it becoming increasingly apparent that COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future, more and more people are jumping on board the home gym train. However, the idea of working out from home just isn’t as appealing to some. Or maybe you have grown tired of doing the same YouTube fitness routine the past few months. It’s time to refuel your passion with some of the newest fitness technology equipment to hit the market!

fitness technology bowflex dumbbells1. BowFlex SelectTech Dumbbells

Trying to get in a strength workout at home can be the toughest undertaking in your life if your home gym isn’t stacked with weights. There are many innovative methods such as tossing old textbooks in a bag and filling pails up with water to replace conventional dumbbells, but what if there’s a much easier and convenient option?

Introducing the BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells that are capable of weight adjustment with just the tweak of a dial. It enables you to choose up to 15 different weight settings between a range of 2 to 24kg. This is more than sufficient for beginner or intermediate lifters for a variety of exercises. Compact, ergonomic in design and made up of good quality materials, this will be a great investment for your fitness journey, especially if you’re serious about setting up a proper home gym.

Alternatively, if you’re not that into dumbbells and will prefer kettlebells instead, BowFlex also got you covered with their SelectTech Kettlebell. Do bear in mind that the kettlebell offers a smaller selection of weight settings (6) and range (3.5kg – 18kg).


fitness technology Active EMS suit2. Active Suit

What’s a list of the best fitness technology products without mentioning EMS? EMS stands for Electrical Muscular Stimulation and is one of the newest fittech to take the world by storm. It delivers refined electrical impulses to the muscles via inbuilt electrodes. These impulses enable the body to recruit up to 90% of muscle fibers during each contraction compared to only 50-60% during conventional training.

Yes, that means faster and better results, all while working out for a much shorter period of time! No more excuses about not having time to get in a workout because with Active, you can complete a full body routine in just 20 minutes!

Active is used by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and even beginners who would like to kickstart their fitness journey. Regardless of your fitness level, EMS & Active will be able to provide a tailored workout for you that’s bound to work up a good sweat and get all the muscles in your body fired up. An Active set also comes with a complimentary consultation session with a fitness instructor and a customised 3-month training program for you to follow from home.


3. Tangram Smart Skipping Ropefitness technology skipping

The biggest problem with working from home is that we don’t move around much. It’s easy to gain weight due to all the surplus calories that we consume, so cardiovascular exercises are necessary. Say goodbye to all those repetitive kickboxing workouts on YouTube or seemingly endless running.

Skipping is a serious calorie burner and can be done in a small space – perfect for exercising from home. Did you know that skipping can burn 15-20 calories a minute? The Tangram Skipping Rope takes it to the next level by featuring 23 LEDs and proprietary magnetic sensors to track your workouts, monitor the amount of calories burned and even log all that data in an app on your smartphone! Unlock achievements and pit yourself against others for a challenge – cardio doesn’t have to be a solo activity or something you dread any longer with all the interaction possibilities the Tangram Skipping Rope provides.

In addition, the Tangram Skipping Rope is retailing exclusively on Apple’s webpage, so you can definitely trust in its quality and firmware updates.

4. Nurvv Run

fitness technology nurvv run

So… maybe you’re actually a fan of jogging as a form of exercise. In which case, you’re in for a treat with Nurvv Run. Essentially a pair of smart insoles, it functions as a powerful data-tracking tool that caters to runners regardless of your level of experience. It has a built-in GPS & pressure sensors that will record your route, cadence, step length, pronation, balance etc. All of this data is processed by Nurvv and shown to the user in a digestible format with tips to prevent injuries based on it! As the cherry on top, you can also get access to real-time coaching using the recorded data to help you improve your running!

Unfortunately, it seems as if Nurvv has disabled the option of international shipping temporarily and the only way to get it is through Amazon.

5. OTO Row Bike

fitness technology Otto row bikeYou have probably started to pick up a trend here. Working from home has caused lots of people to gain unwanted weight, so naturally, most of the products that made it on this list are forcardiovascular activities!

The OTO row bike combines rowing & cycling to deliver a power-packed cardio workout. Functioning as an exercise bike and indoor-rowing machine all-in-one, it helps to develop your cardiovascular endurance and strength at the same time. It also comes equipped with a LED panel that displays information such as calories burned, distance covered & your heart-rate. The best part? It doesn’t take up that much space at all! When you have finished using it, you can easily fold it up and stow it away until you want to take it out for a spin again.

It’s affordably priced when compared to other exercise bikes of this build and quality, so definitely snatch it up while you can from Lazada.

We don’t know for sure how long COVID-19 will be around. Investing in some gym equipment for home use could be the best choice forward while we ride this wave out! Let’s all keep fit & healthy while staying safe and do our part to beat this pandemic. Want to read more weight loss tips and tricks or biggest fat loss myths? Check out our other blog posts here.

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