5 Effortless Weight Loss Tips You Can Implement Instantly!

We all want to lose weight effortlessly. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but there’s no secret short-cut to weight loss. Miracle drugs that help you lose weight overnight do not exist, and any products that claim to do so are blatantly lying to get you to purchase them. However, there are ways to make your weight loss journey easier and more pleasant – which this article will shed some light on!

Here are 5 simple weight loss tips to get in shape faster by expanding more calories daily, without having to make any drastic changes to your usual lifestyle!

1. Always take the stairs (if possible!)

Climbing Stairs Helps Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, climbing the stairs is actually good for your knees as it works your joints and cartilage. At the most basic level, the human body is structured and built for motion. Maintaining this function through regular movement is healthy for the body. Furthermore, excess inactivity leads to stiffness and soreness, which could be detrimental in the long run.

Taking the stairs have many benefits and is proven to be one of the best exercises to burn calories. 5 minutes of moderate stair climbing can burn up to 50 calories. That’s extra 50 calories you will otherwise miss out on if you opt to take the lift instead. Trust us when we say that this may seem inconsequential but it all adds up. 50 calories, 5 times a week will add up to 250 calories, which is equivalent to 100g of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! (We know your guilty pleasures!) The best part? You don’t even need to go out of your way to burn these extra calories – just take the stairs instead of the lift whenever you can! You’ll have lost weight before you know it.

P.S. If you experience severe pain while climbing the stairs, do exercise caution and visit a doctor as you might be suffering from some sort of arthritis. In that case, this might not be something you want to implement into your routine.

2. Drink more water

The advice that doubles as an admonishment by Asian parents whenever you fall sick makes the list. 60% of the human body is made of water, so it comes as no surprise that we need to drink a sufficient amount daily to remain healthy. However, did you know that water also assists with weight loss?

Water increases the amount of calories you burn through a phenomena known as resting energy expenditure. When cold water is consumed, extra calories are burned to warm up your body temperature as well. Research also shows that drinking water before meals helps to reduce appetite, decreasing calorie intake and helping weight loss. Water is also calorie-free and a great alternative to your sugary carbonated drinks. 140 calories lurk within a 330ml can of Coca-Cola; think about that the next time you pop one open!

Besides for the direct benefits water provide you, drinking more water also sends you on frequent trips to the bathroom. These steps back and forth burn additional calories. Remember that all these calories do add up, especially if you implement every single tip in this article!

3. Take public transport whenever possible

Walking burns a good amount of calories and is the preferred form of exercise for many who hate feeling breathless. Granted, the amount of calories burned through walking pales in comparison to its more intensive counterparts such as jogging and skipping, but walking can be done without breaking a sweat and is also a leisurely form of exercise. Walking is also known to be one of the best exercises to de-stress after a long day at work! If that’s not hitting two birds with one stone, I don’t know what is!

Taking public transport instead of driving to your destination allows you to clock in more distance on foot. A good goal to aim for is 10k steps a day, which is a whopping 500 calories – that’s a full meal right there!

Rice and Meat Dish For Weight Loss4. Always ask for less rice

Let’s face it, we all love food. Rice is considered a staple food in Asia, with a good bulk of our diet consisting of these grains. However, these refined carbs, while satiating and delicious, are generally high in calories. A cup of rice has about 200 calories, which definitely isn’t what you’ll consider insignificant, especially when it’s only a small part of a larger meal with other vegetables and meats.

Try to decrease your consumption of rice with each meal. You can start with 1/4 lesser, and slowly work your way up. It will be tough at the start as your body adapts to the decreased volume, but it will pass and soon become the new normal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how big a difference this makes!

P.S. We don’t recommend completely cutting it from your diet as you’ll be constantly fatigued and grumpy otherwise. Everything in moderation!

5. Stand, don’t sit!

Standing burns roughly 60 more calories an hour as compared to sitting. If you stand at your desk at least 1-2 hours a day, you’re not just standing. You remain active by shifting your weight, stretching and moving about more frequently. Recent research also shows that extended sitting could be as dangerous as smoking as it might lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease – scary right?

Start moving around more even if you’re at a desk-bound job! Try to incorporate at least 5 to 10 minutes of standing every hour. You’ll be far healthier and burn more calories, helping you lead a more active lifestyle!

6. Get Aspire!

Electrical Muscular Stimulation Device Aspire

As a bonus and a shameless plug, Alpha Bodytec has the perfect product for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle – Aspire. It’s a tech wearable that relies on EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate deep muscles and help you achieve a better and more aesthetic looking physique. The best part? You can wear it and still achieve results while doing absolutely nothing. Yes, you heard right. Absolutely nothing.


There are many small, minor changes you can make to your daily routine that will lead to big changes in the long run if you keep it up. Start doing all these today and you’ll start losing weight in no time. For more intriguing and informational blog posts like this regarding fitness, wellness and beauty, keep checking back often at our fitness blog.

Until next time!

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