Benefits of EMS for Fitness

Electro-muscular stimulation or EMS is the use of low-level electric impulses to call upon muscle contraction which gives rise to strengthening and conditioning of the very same muscles.  In the last few years, EMS has gotten a lot of attention due to its potential to serve athletes and heavy subjects as a tool for strength training, for completely or partially immobilized patients as a preventive and rehabilitation tool and as a recovery tool post-exercise for athletes.

How Does It Work?

Electrical impulses are generated by a specialized device and they are delivered via electrodes placed directly on the skin on the muscles that one would like to be stimulated. These impulses are very similar to the action potential generated by the Central Nervous System which results in contraction of the muscles. These electrodes are basically just pads that connects to the skin.  These impulses can reach the deep muscle layers that may be difficult to activate through traditional training, but your muscles will work out more effectively as they will not be able to tell the difference.

Benefits and Effects

A wireless EMS workout system that is functional helps bring out the potential for muscle training that is both intense and engaging.  It involves the whole body while giving you the complete freedom of movement given that the Active system is wireless. It has shown to be sustainable, gentle on your joints and effective.

For EMS training you don’t need a 4-hour workout session to feel like you are getting the most out of it; just a mere 20 minutes will do!

It enhances your maximum performance by a significant 30% and your muscle mass grows by 14% in just a few short months.

With EMS the electrical current being delivered is completely safe given that it is of low-current. Even though the sessions themselves are very intense, the actual feeling that comes from the electrical impulse is non-invasive and gentle. 

Anyone can use EMS regardless of whether you have not exercised in years or even if you are a professional athlete and also anyone from as young as 18 years old to as old as 80 years old can use it.  With EMS, everyone and anyone can reach their target shape and attain their fitness goals because it is a low-impact but highly-effective workout which makes it entirely safe for everyone, be it a decided gym-goer, an injured athlete or just a newbie.

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